Pregnant after 2 months dating sony dating game

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Pregnant after 2 months dating

But here's the real problem, as if it wasn't bad enough.When I was doing research, I found the statistic that 90% of couples break up after abortions... I really like this girl, and things were going almost perfect until this mishap.

My girlfriend of only 3 months is 2 months pregnant... She and my family have pressured me to marry her, so I proposed and she said yes.

usually because the woman feels like it was the man's fault... We've only been in a relationship for a few weeks...

seeing each other for a few months, and I've noticed that she's nothing like other girls.

It was a total shock as we'd both been told we couldnt have kids.

I told him the news last night - he was initially very shocked and teary but then composed himself and was really sweet and supportive saying he'd stick with me whatever happened, didn't want to lose me and i'm the best thing that's ever happened to him (he's a really nice old fashioned guy - I think he'd make a fantastic dad).

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I'm currently in a terrible situation and extremely confused. She grabbed Plan B in the morning, which is apparently 99% effective. After talking about it and thinking, she made the choice to get it taken care of.